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Kaushik Prasad V

Father to two daughters. A 'madrasi', from Bombay. Peripatetic. Right now live in Gurugram. Automobile Engineer. Sales & Marketing professional, working with Ford. Want to be a writer and lotsa kilos lighter. Views expressed are personal.

Of Rivalry And Its End.

We are rivals. Our companies and our rivalry, centenarians in the land of our birth. But here, we are young. Jostling for space in a narrow sliver of a duopolistic market, like shoppers fighting to walk fast in the narrow by lanes of Chandini Chowk. This rivalry, enshrined […]

Worlds “within”

It has been my desire, since long, to start a sentence with the word – apropos. So here goes. Apropos the news article that appeared in The Telegraph, Calcutta edition, dated 22 February 2014 there is a whole world captured between innocuous quotation marks – a rather conspiring […]

The Ascent of the Maami

The terror of being accosted by the TamBrahm Maami at family functions has persisted right from the dawn of the Madisaar Ages to the times of the Churidaar (aka. Punjaabi dress) to the Jeans era. When Darwin said, ‘it is not the strongest of the species that survives […]