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  • So How Do You Combat Ad Fraud?

    First published on ET Insights here. The bluestreak cleaner wrasse lives in the coral reefs near Eastern Africa, they clean larger fishes by eating parasites and dead tissues off them. When larger fishes, called “clients”, approach these “cleaning stations”, the… Read More ›

  • Book Review & Summary: Digital Minimalism

    At its core, Digital Minimalism is an invitation to spend our most precious resource – time – in more meaningful activities, in solitude and in strengthening relationships that truly matter. And in doing so, enriching our lives – offline. Because, as the good professor says, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.

  • Book Review: The Future Is Faster Than You Think

    Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s book is about formerly independent exponentially accelerating technologies beginning to converge with other independent waves of exponentially accelerating technologies. The book’s greatest value is in its exploration of the impact of convergence across multiple… Read More ›

  • Misdirection

    While no Luddite is a marketer, but when tactics overwhelm, you let the tail wag the dog. Content marketing’s casual dalliance with brand or business objectives, fascination for vanity metrics and tendency to churn quantity are issues.

  • Shorter: Book Review

    What will you do if you get an extra free day each week. “Shorter” – Book Review & Summary where the author makes a case for a 4-day week.

  • Combating data terrorism

    Do you find creativity is now held hostage by data? Every aspect of business has steps where stuff actually gets created, where multiple solutions are explored and where creativity and ingenuity is called for.

  • Think Like A Rocket Scientist : Book Review and Book Summary

    I usually have low expectations from books with unabashedly click-baity titles, however, Ozan Varol’s Think Like A Rocket Scientist is, surprisingly, a decent read.  We live in a complex world and are expected to solve unfamiliar problems with no clear… Read More ›

  • Upstream: Book Review

    We love Superheroes. But Dan Heath’s Upstream is about putting Superheroes out of business. It is about the mindset and efforts required to prevent problems; it’s about systems thinking and moving upstream – making interventions there – to attain massive long-term good.

  • Book Review : A World Without Work

    The genius of Daniel Susskind’s book, A World Without Work, lies in its ability to make a complex subject like labor economics and impact of automation, accessible to the lay reader. Even if you have no background in economics and lead a prosaic life, like most people, this book will expand your mental horizons.