Book Review: The Right Choice

Where many books by management thinkers and business leaders seem brash and opinionated, Shiv’s book, is a refreshing change indeed.

When faced with dilemmas, we yearn for someone to sit beside us and suggest possibilities in a quiet, reassuring voice. Reading Shiv Shivakumar’s book, “The Right Choice – Resolving 10 Career Dilemmas For Extraordinary Success” would seem just like that.

Some very valuable lessons are presented right away in the introduction; there is no ‘career 101 manual’ for a successful career, no two careers are alike, timing is of paramount importance, a good career reaches beyond the job boundaries etcetera.

Unlike, most successful professionals, Shiv is candid about the role of timing (what some may term as luck) for success. He also raises an important question (but doesn’t delve into it), what does it mean to have a good career?

The bulk of Shiv’s book is an exploration of some of the most common dilemmas faced by young professionals. Questions like; Is money the most important variable? Should I do a second MBA? Should I turn entrepreneur? And more. It includes interviews of other professionals who offer their perspective when faced with a dilemma and the choices they made.

The book, gratifyingly so, also includes voices of women leaders who share perspectives on some unique dilemmas’ women face.

A career is lived forward but understood backwards, once you are nearly done with it, Shiv writes.

Packed with wise counsel, drawn from his illustrious career; ‘The Right Choice’ is a good addition to the reading list for young professionals. Ultimately, this book is like good advice, seems obvious in hindsight, but is invaluable when you really need it.